Exclusive activities

(A) Field Trips – SEKI field trips connect students to real world. SEKI field trips provide every student with real-world experience.
(B) Telling & Puppet Show – Children have an innate love for stories and puppet shows. Story telling & puppet show creates magic and a sense of wonder at the world. They teach about life, ourselves and others.
(c)Water Play - Water Play provides hours of rich and valuable early childhood experiences to develop children's creativity and imagination. ... Water play is both enjoyable and educational. It helps children develop eye-hand coordination and math and science concepts. It also enhances social skills and encourages cooperation.
(D) Mud Day – International Mud Day began in 2009 at a world forum event. The mud day is globally celebrated on 29th of June and it aims to connect children to earth. Taking this mud day initiative forward along with our SEKIAN’s . SEKI organises a Professional Pottery Event for our SEKIAN’s and initiates a connect with the earth.
(E) Mic – O – Mic Day – Mic – O – Mic is an educational designer toy, helping to develop the individual abilities & skills of children. SEKI introduced the Mic –O – Mic day, the range encourages children & parents to play together – perhaps competing with each other as the child becomes more competent.
(F) Let your child enjoy pure air atmosphere – “NO ONE CAN DO EVERYTHING BUT EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING