Events & Celebration

Divergent hue of joy and happiness

We believe in making our Little SEKI'ANS think big, hence every little event of life is celebrated with grandiosity so as to provide opportunities to these aspiring young minds to perform before you'll and give you moments of pride as parents.

We at SEKI celebrate every special occasion and festivals throughout the year in our own ways.

Events and celebrations bring different hue of joy and happiness with them. We at SEKI celebrate all occasions arming to inculcate the culture values in our Little SEKI'ans. It creates a platform to develop their relation with their teachers and compeers.

Fun is an intrinsic part of everything we do at SEKI and every moment is a celebration here. Our children just don't celebrate they become a part of it. Below listed is a broad overview of the various events and celebrations at SEKI.

Annual Day - “tarang"

It is a grand event where all the Little SEKI'ans perform and exhibit their talent on the stage. Each and every child at SEKI participates in the stage presentation. Proud parents see the spectacular show by the little ones.

SEKI - Rhyme and Story Telling Day

Barbara Johnson Quoted: To be in your children's memories tomorrow you have to be in their lives today.

Keeping this valuable quote in mind, SEKI has created an opportunity for all the parents to come and join their children to Sing a Rhyme and enact a story along with their child on this Special Day.

MIC - O - MIC Day

Mic-O-Mic is an educational designer toy, helping to develop the individual abilities and skills of children. SEKI introduced the Mic-O-Mic day, the range encourages children and parents to play together – perhaps competing with each other as the child becomes more competent.

Rain Day

To mark the beginning of Rainy season , at SEKI rain day is celebrated. Kids come dressed in beautiful colored rain coats with umbrellas.

Christmas Carnival

To mark the beginning of a New Year and celebrate it with the Santa Claus, a Christmas Celebration is organized. Kids enact the skit of Birth of Jesus Christ and spread love, joy and happiness among their compeers. The Crib is decorated and the occasion is graced by the Father.


SEKI celebrates an Eco-Friendly Diwali by lighting the glow/wish lanterns with SEKI'ans and Parents to give our SEKI'ans a GREEN FUTURE.


Independence Day

To celebrate the spirit of patriotism, we celebrate Independence Day. Our Little SEKI'ans look adorable in their Sports Uniform as they Pay Respect to Our National Flag. Story session is organized to help them know about the importance of this day.

Father’s Day

To salute and celebrate fatherhood, Father’s Day is celebrated.

International Yoga Day

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. At SEKI yoga day is celebrated and the little SEKI’ans are thought with yoga asanas.

Ramadan Celebration

SEKI celebrated Ramadan. Festivals and Celebrations promote diversity, they increase creativity,and they offer opportunities for civic pride. They improve our children's general psychological wellbeing.

National Doctors Day

SEKI - celebrated "National Doctors Day" in association with Specialist Hospital for observing First SEKI Wellness Program.

Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated in the month of August where the children are encouraged to develop deeper bond with their friends. They also exchange SEKI friendship bands with each other.

Teacher’s Day

The birth anniversary of the former President of India, Dr. SarvepalliRadhakrishnan is observed as Teacher's Day on 5th September. Children make greeting cards for their teacher’s and enjoy this day by gifting them.

Krishna Janmashtami Day

Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated in the month of August. The entire school is decorated with children dressed up as Krishna and Radha.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday of Lord Ganesha. The entire school is decorated with children dressed up in traditional wear.

Onam Celebration

Onam is the time for pookalam on floor, Little SEKI'ans enjoy the colour hues made!

Bakrid Celebration

Little SEKI’ans come dressed in white kurta and jubba and hug their friends as a token of love!

Birthday Celebration

Mud Day

International Mud Day began in 2009 at a world forum event. The Mud Day is globally celebrated on 29th of June and it aims to connect children to earth. Taking this mud day Initiative forward along with our SEKI’ans. SEKI Organized a Professional Pottery event for our SEKI'ans and initiated a connect with Earth.

Tattoo Day

National Tattoo Day is celebrated in the month of July. The Little SEKI'ans get their favorite tattoo painted on their hand.

Water Play

It is an event organized in the month of March to beat the summer heat. Little SEKI'ans enjoy this as they play in the splash pool.

Puppet Show

SEKI conducts good touch bad touch puppet show in the month of July. Children enjoying the Puppet Show "GOOD TOUCH BAD TOUCH" in their classroom along with an "International Story Teller".

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