Please familiarize yourself with the application process below. This educational method is not for everyone and we want you to be able to make the best decision for your family.

We are accepting applications for children ages 3 and 7 yrs. . Please Download this application form or contact our school for more information.

The Application Process

Baby Kit School in Banglore

Admissions are open throughout the year. We recommend you secure admission for your child at the earliest as we have fixed intakes every year.

  • Book an appointment: call 098445 89831 or email
  • Visit SSpectrum E Kid International and Activity Centre
  • Talk to our directress
  • Collect admission forms
  • Submit forms and documents
  • Seki Advantages

    "SEKI is the first and the only Pre-School in India using I-smart table to enrich young minds”

    I-smart Classes
    Dyson Air Purifires

    Policies & Procedures

    While this is not a complete list of our policies and procedures we feel that it is important for prospective parents to understand more about how we operate.


    We encourage families to stick together. Therefore we give priority to siblings who are automatically accepted to the school. The reverse is true too, if any child leaves the school prior to completing the program we ask their siblings to follow suit.


    One of the most important years for a Primary age child is their third year. This is when they finally have the opportunity to ‘lead.’ Therefore we expect families to stay through the pre-school year.